Back Pain Management at Train Together, Lancaster

With all the advances in medicine, it is amazing that even the top back specialists will tell you that they have no idea why you still suffer with back pain. That’s where Neil Caines comes in…

This has led to a lot more people feeling confident in seeking help from back pain specialists to assist with making improvements through to complete alleviation of the problem.

Rather than being told –

  • Take complete bed rest
  • Stop exercising
  • Stop working

You are likely to be advised –

  • It’s nothing to worry about, back pain is common
  • Avoid resting too much
  • Stay as active as possible and carry on with everyday tasks
  • Stay at work or return as soon as possible
  • Hurting does not necessarily mean harm

Neil Caines is a Level 4 Lower Back Pain Specialist and offers a full management service for your back pain. You will be assessed, treated and offered ongoing management via careful exercise programming. By thorough assessment Neil will try to identify the issues that could be causing your discomfort. These could be tight muscles; misalignment of bone structures; or poor exercise techniques. With a fully functioning fitness studio you will be able to access fantastic Personal Training. Your condition will be at the forefront of all exercise development and you will be advised regarding classes that are more suited to your problem.

As with any medical issue if you are in the “acute” phase then Neil may advise delaying treatment or at the very least visiting your medical professional for advice. If he feels that your condition could be made worse by assessment then he will again advise you to visit your GP or medical professional.

If you live in and around Lancaster including Morecambe, Garstang or the Lake District and need help and management with your back pain, then contact Neil today to discuss our Back Pain Management packages and let’s get you on the road to recovery!

What Our Customers Say

“Unlike an hour spent with a physio, I walk out of each session feeling energised rather than beaten up! I’ve learnt more about how and why muscles do things working with Neil than in all my time doing PE at school. I’m fitter. Cardio vascular is vastly improved. I can do so much more without feeling tired. I’m stronger, in better shape and my lower back has improved to a point where it is better than before my injury.”*

– Greg

*Results may vary from person to person