Exercise classes in Lancaster

We offer a fantastic variety of classes to get stuck into- regardless of ability, age or gender. Check out our class descriptions below for more details.

If you’ve been looking for exercise classes in Lancaster, you’ve come to the right place! We are an independent, small personal training studio and gym designed to work closely with our clients and get the very best out of them. All of our classes are run by experienced personal trainers, who spend the time to get know you and always create fun, friendly classes to target your fitness goals.

  • Abs Conditioning – a faster paced Abs class hitting the whole core, front and back.
  • Blast Class – (for the not so early starters!) A great variety, all fitness levels catered for.
  • Body Rocker – a new class, all to timed tracks. The varied exercises here will keep your body guessing!
  • Bootcamp – fast-paced and plenty of variety. A class designed to build strength, burn fat and challenge you.
  • Boxercise – exercise based around non-contact boxing moves and fitness. Great for coordination and stamina.
  • Cardio/Power Hour – 60 minutes using a variety of cardio machines and weights/resistance.
  • Circuits – selection of body weights, free weights and cardio machines. Fast-paced class to work every part of the body that hits all the right notes – fitness, strength and endurance.
  • Core – based around working the whole core. Not just the abs, it’s designed to strengthen the whole midsection, front and back.
  • Core and Balance – core work as above with an emphasis on balance and controlled movements.
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Short bursts of exercise with even shorter rest periods. Very intense!
  • HIRT – slightly different to HIIT in that there will be more weights/resistance used. Still intense though!
  • Indoor Cycling – great workouts on the bikes. Intense and sweaty!
  • In Shape – a 6 week body transformation program. Speak to Sarah for details.
  • Kettlebells – fantastic workout for testing strength and stamina. Glutes and Hamstrings worked. Nice!
  • Mega Stretch – end the week with a gentle stretching session to reduce tension and improve flexibility.
  • Metabolic Conditioning Circuit – a fast paced, intense workout for boosting the metabolism.
  • Swiss Ball Circuit – working out with stability balls – one of our more popular classes. Low impact and a fantastic whole-body workout. Great fun!
  • Total Toning – it’s in the name! Full-body, intense workout (not for the faint hearted!)
  • Weight Lifting – very popular classes (especially with the ladies)! Great workouts with bars, dumbbells and kettlebells. Split in to either lower body for legs and glutes. Upper body for chest, shoulders and back or an all over, full body blast!

Check out what’s on and when… Download our time table and join us for a free week to give each class a go!