Fitness Transformations at Train Together

We are first in the queue when it comes to praising the benefits of keeping fit. We are also really good at telling you how amazing Train Together gym is. But hearing it just from us probably isn’t very useful and we actually agree with you. Any gym can tell you how great they are, but only some can actually show you.

We have put together just a few of TT transformation, documenting the unique journeys of some of our inspirational clients and how far they’ve come to reach their own fitness goals. We hope that these fitness transformations will inspire you to kick-start your journey!


This awesome transformation needs no words, this picture shows months of hard work & determination. Lisa has worked her socks off to get the body she wants, but it was all worth it!


2 years ago I joined Train Together gym and it’s honestly been amazing, couldn’t have lost the weight I have without this bunch – Neil, Sarah, Julie, Kev & Joe – you guys rock!” Sophie looks amazing and is fitter than ever!


I love TT – We have lots of laughs with the lovely members and staff, they keep me coming week after week!” Carly has dropped from a size 14 to a 6!


A year and a half ago I was size 14 (85kg), depressed and stressed. Today I am size 10 (71kg), happy and full of enthusiasm for my future. I have now been at train together for over a year, and I actually LOVE IT!

Get motivated by reading some of our clients testimonials

Train Together is more than a gym, it's like a little mini family! The staff make you feel welcome, and make you laugh even in the toughest classes! I used to hate exercising, but since joining here I’m hooked and the variety of classes keeps it interesting. I honestly cannot recommend joining Train Together enough.


Train Together is the friendliest gym I've ever been a member of - the TT team make a point of knowing everyone individually and you really feel part of a community. There's a great variety of classes and the content is always kept fresh to keep us on our toes!


Train Together and the guys there have kept me on track with weight loss, fitness and nutrition, without that help, support and encouragement I would not have made the progress I have today. Neil is my Personal Trainer and puts in the same amount of effort i do, which always makes me want to give it my all. Sarah is my nutritionist and has been so helpful in working with me towards eating a balanced diet that fits with my training. Just fantastic, can't recommend them all enough. Thanks for the support guys!


I Love Train Together, because of Sara, Neil, Joe, Kev & Julie! It's the drive they inject you with to reach your desired goal, all the humour, laughter and amazing people you meet!


Attending the classes is so motivational! All the trainers are so friendly, really take care of you and push your limits and I can already feel myself getting stronger. I made some great friends; I'm so grateful I became a member.


Train Together is more than a gym, it's like a little mini family! The staff make you feel really welcome, and make you laugh even in the toughest classes! I used to hate exercising, but since joining here i'm pretty hooked and the variety of classes keeps it interesting. I honestly cannot recommend joining Train Together enough.


I started going to Train Together at the beginning of December last year following major surgery a few weeks earlier. The surgery was followed up by nearly 6 months of Chemotherapy. My wellbeing and fitness levels have been maintained and improved thanks to the wonderful support and encouragement I have received from Neil, Sarah and Anna. I felt and still feel cared for too. I would not be this well in either mind or body without you all. Thank you!!


The classes are great, they are enjoyable and every class is different which keeps it interesting. The social atmosphere is an added bonus, I have a good laugh when I am at TT, which helps battle through the exercises. Initially I joined because it is close to my workplace. However, regardless of this if I had tried it I would have joined anyway. It fits my work ethic perfectly – personal, challenging and the classes vary. I continue to beat my personal bests at the Train Together challenges – It’s hard not to be motivated when they are up on the board in front of you every class. It also makes it much easier to see the results. My highest recommendation. I have been to a lot of gyms in the area, and this is the only one that has kept my interest and I look forward to going to. Prior to this, the gym was an annoyance.


Absolutely love training here… The atmosphere is so friendly and inviting, small classes where you get to know everyone. Neil and Sarah’s knowledge is second to none and the support and encouragement they give you is fantastic. Cannot recommend Train Together highly enough.


Training with Sarah and Neil has really changed my life. When I started, I was overweight and out of condition. In just under a year, I have gone through a real transformation. I now feel stronger and have lots more energy. When I started, I could only run for 30 seconds and needed a break. I now run for 40 minutes several times a week! Sarah and Neil are professional, supportive and most of all, great fun. They know just how far to encourage you to get the best performance out of you. They have a lot of experience, which comes across in their ability to bring out the best in you. I would recommend them to anyone, whatever their ability. Most of all, they are really nice people, which makes a difference, as the whole training experience becomes a pleasure instead of a chore.


I was attempting to exercise on my own and I was never sure if what I was doing was right or if it was being effective. I didn’t enjoying working out and saw it solely as a means to an end – to lose weight and I hated every minute of it. This mental attitude impacted my motivation to exercise which in turn impacted upon my confidence and self-worth and as soon as I stopped exercising weight started to creep back on. You hear horror stories of what personal trainers can be like – uber fit gym bunnies who love to make fatties like me cry or drill sergeant majors who would shout and point at me. I was worried that I would not be fit enough to work out one to one, that I would make a fool of myself and that they would tell me to leave and never darken their door again. I thought working in a large class was the way forward as I could hide at the back. I can honestly say that since I started working with you, I really enjoy working out now – I feel confident with your instructions, you are always clear and concise, you constantly check form and posture so I know I won’t get injured. I have always found core work difficult and if I struggle with an exercise, you always suggest an alternative. By doing this you make sure that I never feel silly or feel like I have failed and this has boosted my confidence. Thanks to your varied routines I have discovered that I enjoy Boxing, Kettle Bells and Rowing – none of this exercises I would have ever considered trying before. You are friendly, encouraging, you make exercising fun and no question is too daft to ask. I have definitely experienced weight loss and inch loss and have gained muscle definition but one of the major results for me is a change in my mental attitude – I look forward to exercising now, I have confidence to try new things and I no longer try and hide at the back of the class.


Love this place. Classes are small, personal and supportive. Neil and Sarah are fantastic. They provide help and support in all areas of exercise and also help you with correct techniques. Have also provided brilliant advice about dietary requirements. Will never go back to a mainstream gym again. Cannot praise this place highly enough.


*Results may vary from person to person

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