Train Together Pen


Forget fancy apps and gadgets, keep a note of your weight loss and fitness records with a Train Together pen!

Just like the rest of our products, our multifunction pens do more than meets the eye! This product features a black ballpoint pen, a bright LED light and a stylus for your touch-screen devices (including mobile phones and tablets). All this is wrapped up in a very high-quality package and can be yours today for less than £5!

Our Triple Function Train Together pens are the must-have office essential! These black ink ballpoint pens have a built in LED light at one end and a stylus at the other designed for your touch-screen phones and tablets.  These high quality pens are practical and look great – made from Chrome metal and a brass construction for durability – these pens ooze quality and style. We believe we have created the ultimate pen that can be all yours for the best price.

We are all pretty fussy here at Train Together HQ, so you can be assured that if it’s Train Together approved, it must be a cracking writer that feels great to use (we all love it!).

Buy yours today (you won’t be disappointed!).

Once purchased, your pen can be collected from our studio (just remember to bring along your order confirmation!). If you would like this product to be delivered, please contact us to arrange delivery.