Some fantastic testimonials from our brilliant clients!

``Train Together is more than a gym, it's like a little mini family! The staff make you feel welcome, and make you laugh even in the toughest classes! I used to hate exercising, but since joining here I’m hooked and the variety of classes keeps it interesting. I honestly cannot recommend joining Train Together enough. ``

Testimonial Holley

``Train Together is the friendliest gym I've ever been a member of - the TT team make a point of knowing everyone individually and you really feel part of a community. There's a great variety of classes and the content is always kept fresh to keep us on our toes! ``

Testimonial Alex

``Train Together and the guys there have kept me on track with weight loss, fitness and nutrition, without that help, support and encouragement I would not have made the progress I have today. Neil is my Personal Trainer and puts in the same amount of effort i do, which always makes me want to give it my all. Sarah is my nutritionist and has been so helpful in working with me towards eating a balanced diet that fits with my training. Just fantastic, can't recommend them all enough. Thanks for the support guys!``

Testimonial Mark

``I Love Train Together, because of Sara, Neil, Joe, Kev & Julie!
It's the drive they inject you with to reach your desired goal, all the humour, laughter and amazing people you meet!``

Testimonial Mirka

“Although over 70 years of age, I needed to lose weight and get in shape for a mountain trek. With Sarah as a personal trainer for two hour long gym sessions a week over five months, and taking her expert advice on diet and exercise, I lost two stones and put on enough muscle to sail through 24,000 feet of ascent and one hundred miles of mountain walking over ten days. Those improvements to my weight and core fitness are now being maintained through twice weekly class sessions of weights and Boxercise with Neil and Sarah. More trekking beckons!”*

Testimonial John

“Before working with Neil I didn’t have an exercise program and I had held off doing much exercise so as not to damage my back further after a back injury 18 months earlier. An MRI scan revealed I had 2 squashed discs and surgery was the only option, after holding off, it later turned out this wasn’t the case and arthritis is more likely.
I decided to leave the NHS alone and to get on with strengthening my back and core with the aid of an expert. Having never had a personal trainer I wasn’t sure what to expect. My only reservations were that I wanted to be treated on an individual basis. Which has been spot on. Neil is very good to work with. From an initial assessment and discussion of what I felt I needed, it has been good to see that Neil has fulfilled my objectives and gone further by discovering the roots of muscle issues seemingly going back many years, then coming up with exercises to strengthen these and increase flexibility. Unlike an hour spent with a physio, I walk out of each session feeling energised rather than beaten up! I’ve learnt more about how and why muscles do things working with Neil than in all my time doing PE at school.
I’m fitter. Cardio vascular is vastly improved. I can do so much more without feeling tired. I’m stronger, in better shape and my lower back has improved to a point where it is better than before my injury. Neil always varies the sessions. We never do the same session twice, it’s never been boring, and if Neil can see that I’m not up to something he will change the exercise immediately without having to think about it, a skilled fine line between pushing me but not breaking me.”*

Testimonial Greg

“The course was excellent, it was very well structured with measurements taken at the start and goals clearly defined, which gave a sense of purpose throughout the training, and it was great seeing my personal progress and strength gains as the course went on. Neil’s training was thorough and attentive as always and it built up at a pace that meant although it was hard work it wasn’t too much of a shock to the system, and it didn’t stop me being able to walk up stairs…. like some other high intensity training I have tried! I would definitely do it again. I started to feel stronger after the second week and by the end of the course I had increased my maximums by about 20% across the board which was more than I thought I would. I could see the difference in myself, and also felt a positive difference personally in terms of my mental fitness and motivation. My goal of reducing my body fat and increasing my strength was very much achieved, and I had fun doing it.”*

Testimonial Mike

“I have been attending Sarah’s classes for a couple of years now and I have never been to a bad one! Sarah has in depth knowledge of all types of exercise and she is keen to share it with anyone who is interested. I had back surgery 18 months ago and Sarah encouraged me to continue exercising to aid my recovery. My recovery would not have been anywhere near as good without her knowledge and help. She is always supportive and takes time to ensure you are confident in what you are doing, whilst making the whole experience challenging and enjoyable. Sarah does a variety of different ‘style’ circuits that are all equally as challenging and enjoyable, but focus on different things. It is impossible to get bored, or lose motivation, during her sessions as she joins in and encourages everyone to do their best. She can always offer an easier or harder version of whichever exercise we are working on, which enables anyone – regardless of their level of fitness – to partake in her sessions. She is truly an inspiration, and I would recommend her classes to anyone.”*

Testimonial Sarah

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