Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

The next step in your health and fitness career

Do you want to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives? Learn the knowledge and skills to do just that. Become a Personal Trainer with our Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

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As a Personal Trainer, you have a massive influence on everyone you come into contact with, by teaching or instructing and, more importantly, as a role model.

If you have passed a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym based, or an equivalent, the Personal Trainer qualification is the logical next step if you wish to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Building on your prior learning, the Personal Trainer qualification advances your existing knowledge and skills so that you can have an even bigger impact on people’s lives.

To undertake this course you will need to be a motivated and motivating individual because you will be working with people who really need your help. They may be lacking knowledge or just the will to make the change that will save their lives – dramatic but true!

As a Personal Trainer, you will be ideally positioned to help battle epidemics such as obesity by guiding people through their daily nutritional needs and getting them into an effective fitness regime. Sometimes people will stop or not follow your advice. You need to be able to look past these setbacks and focus them on the best way forward, acting as a coach, mentor and friend.

Alongside expert training, you are given the added bonus of being able to work alongside your tutors, assessors and the staff at the Train Together Functional Fitness Studio in Lancaster. You can practice your technique and teaching skills with the help and guidance of our professional personal trainers, as well as covering any questions you may have about your course content.

The world really is your oyster as with a Personal Trainer qualification. You may want to work on your own visiting clients at home, or work for one of the large gym chains, or a small independent fitness studio like Train Together. With a little experience, you could even set up your own studio and employ other personal trainers!

If this sounds like a great way to make your living, then this course is for you.

The Personal Trainer qualification has 7 Units, 3 of which you will have passed on your Level 2 Gym Instructor Qualification.

The Units you will need to achieve to gain the qualification are:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for exercise and health
  • Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme
  • Programming personal training with clients
  • Delivering personal training sessions

The Personal Training qualification consists of an 8-day tuition-led course, spread over 4 weekends (Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm), 4 weeks apart. A 10-day intensive option is also available for this course.

You will have free use of our fitness studio facilities for the duration of your course, ideal for practice or asking your tutors for advice in between teaching sessions.

If you can’t attend the gym between your learning weekends, you can contact your tutors by phone or email at any point and they will get back to you within 12 hours.

The course content will be covered in your 8 days’ tuition, but you will be expected to have worked through the relevant units in the workbooks provided to you before attending each learning weekend.

Our eLearning facility allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home, attempting mock exams and getting a full insight into the exciting and rewarding world of personal training.

If you or your tutor feels you need longer to prepare then the assessment and exam dates can be delayed. The maximum period we envisage you will need to complete the course is 4 months.

Two multiple choice examinations, both with a 70% pass mark:

  • Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise and Health
  • Applying the Principles of Nutrition to a Physical Activity Programme

You will also need to complete a set of knowledge questions and a formal Nutrition Case Study.

There is also a set of knowledge questions for the ‘Programming Personal Training with Clients’ unit.

You will be assessed on delivering a personal training session and completing a personal training programme, including all of the relevant paperwork.

You must hold a relevant Level 2 qualification like our Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym Based.

This can be combined with your Level 3 Personal Training qualification and should be completed before commencing the specific Personal Training units included in this course.

This Level 3 qualification is accredited and recognised as an ActiveiQ qualification, worth 20 CPD points with the Register of Exercise Professionals.

Do I receive a Certificate if successful?

Yes, you will be issued with a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

Once complete, you will be able to register with the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) as a Personal Trainer.

The cost of this course is £1425. 

Registration requires a £200 non-refundable deposit, with the rest of the balance due in week 3 (£325) and weeks 6, 9 and 12 (3 equal payments of £300).

What Our Customers Say

“When I first decided to become a personal trainer, I thought my options were very limited – the closest training facility was a 2 hour drive away and the costs were higher than I anticipated. I’d settled on waiting a while. By chance, I spotted an advertisement for Train Together’s Level 2 (Gym Instructor) & Level 3 (Personal Trainer) courses. I met with Neil, asked a few questions and signed up right away. Neil clearly cares about the success of his students – his teaching style and his own knowledge are excellent. Through a mix of home based, classroom based and gym based practical learning – with the support of the Train Together team, I was able to pass both courses with flying colours. I even surprised myself. If you want to become a Gym Instructor or Personal Trainer, chat with Train Together, you will be given all the knowledge and support you need – I highly recommend them.”

– Karl (Personal Trainer)

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