6 Habits of an Awesome Fitness Instructor

By 11th March 2015 No Comments

So, you’ve just qualified and it’s time to teach your first gym class. But what will set you apart from other good fitness instructors and make you a great one?

We have put together our top six tips for the making of an awesome fitness instructor (and if you’ve ever been in a gym class yourself, we’re sure you’ll agree with all of these!)

1. Own the room.

This is all about being confident. You’re the one who has done the training and you’re the one who knows their stuff. Your clients are here to learn from you – the more confident you are, the more respect you’ll gain. When you first start out you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the exercises (and that’s understandable!), but come have a chat with us and we can help you build your confidence!

2. Set-up early and mingle with your clients.

This one’s a particularly important one. At our fitness studio, we love meeting new people and getting to know our clients. We understand that remembering the little things can make clients feel special. If they’ve got a sick aunt be sure to ask how she’s doing, if they’re starting a new job give them some advice and always ALWAYS greet them to your class with a smile.

3. Encourage group vibes.

Our fitness studio is all about small groups with great people. Naturally, some people find making friends easier than others. As the instructor, strive to get your clients chatting and interacting (why not try pairing clients up?) – a little extra encouragement from a friend you’ve met at the gym, goes a long way on a successful fitness journey (plus, a friendly face at the gym will certainly encourage clients to keep coming back!)

4. Choose some catchy tunes.

The right music is essential for an effective workout. Music can distract us from fatigue, it elevates mood, and it’s brilliant at helping us to keep a rhythm during weight training. Research has even found that people who listen to music alongside a workout actually run farther, cycle longer and swim faster (read more here). Oh, and we know you love Ed Sheeran and his guitar, but were not sure they have much place in a fitness class… For workout tunes inspiration, check out Fitness Magazine’s Top 100 Workout Songs.

5. Be encouraging.

Don’t ever let a client struggle at the back of the class. It’s your job to be supportive and make sure everybody gets the most out of their workout. We’ve all greeted a workout feeling tired, fed up and unmotivated. We can guarantee you will meet clients in exactly the same position all the time – but remember, despite feeling low, they turned up to your class so be sure to make a fuss of that! A dose of motivation can be the most effective tool to get a client feeling excited again (trust us!).

6. Be available.

Yes, it is important to have banter with clients and get to know them on a personal level but, most of all, make sure they can approach you if they need some advice. You’re the professional, remember – if they ask about a sore knee or which is the best breakfast cereal, give them your advice. And don’t worry too much if you can’t answer their question, strive to find out and contact them once you have some answers!

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