Christmas Offer – Free Month

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It’s hard to think about a Christmas Offer when we are only just getting back into the swing of things after the Summer holidays…

However it’s creeping up on us and will be here in just 12 short weeks!! Time really is flying by this year.

Every year we all promise ourselves that we will get back to a healthy lifestyle after the summer holidays, ready for Christmas and all the parties and gatherings it brings with it. Who has been determined to shift  those last few stubborn pounds?? To get more toned and  look fab in your little black dress?? Or  to exercise more  so you can indulge in your favourite things over the festive fortnight!!??

If you have thought about any of those (or all of them!) ,we have a fantastic offer to get you achieving all 3.

One whole month of unlimited gym use and classes FREE!!!… One Personal Training session FREE!!!! …Weekly weigh in FREE!!!

You read it right…. FREE!!!

To take advantage of this fantastic deal, simply pay for 3 months and we’ll give you the 4 th month  for FREE.

Act soon  to benefit the most from this offer. Then you won’t have to budget a monthly gym payment so you will  have more to spend on that fab outfit you’ve had your eye on…. go on, you know you want to.

Now here’s the best bit.

This means that in January when everyone is starting their New Year Resolutions and joining the gym, looking to work off all their Christmas over indulgence, you will already be there, fitter, stronger and a little less full of mince pies!!  (I’ve even added a link to a healthy version if you just can’t resist!!)

To claim this great offer click this link -> Free Month <- and enjoy your unlimited gym membership!

And doing it all without having to pay a penny…..Take up our Fabulous Festive Offer and get yourself ready to shine at your Christmas Party