First Aid: Why we should exceed the requirements.

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Today we are exploring a current hot-topic for small businesses, nurseries and schools: first aid training. What’s required? What’s available? And how important actually is it? These are just a few of the questions that we aim to explore in this post, kicking off with the heart-breaking story of Millie Thompson.

In October 2012, 9 month old Millie choked on her lunch at nursery. Unfortunately, the nursery supervisor had an expired first aid certificate and upon passing Millie over to another member of staff (who was first aid qualified) Millie sadly passed away. This awful story has sparked a huge debate over the last couple of years, and today we are still discussing whether paediatric first aid training should become mandatory for all nursery staff.
It is difficult to establish what could have been done to save Millie. However, we think that her story definitely encourages the importance of keeping up to date with first aid requirements and remaining fully qualified. Read more about Millie’s story here.

So, what are the first aid requirements?

Currently, at least one person on the premises at all times should hold a current first aid certificate. Many organisations misinterpret this requirement, and hence only train one member of staff. But staff fall ill and staff have holidays. Training only one member of staff is literally putting all your eggs into one basket and when that basket is unavailable, lives are at stake.
Did you know that the amount of legal first aiders required differs per organisation? That’s right. If you work in what’s considered a ‘low-risk’ or ‘high-risk’ business the requirement changes, and it’s important to find out exactly what your business needs. If you would like advice, please contact us to find out how many members of your staff need to be trained and how we can help you!

In addition to a fully-qualified first aider, you are required to ensure that a first aid box is fully stocked, prepared and available to handle any potential accident. A written record must be kept and, if you work with infants, parents informed appropriately. This is just a handful of the legal requirements currently enforced but, as recently suggested, we don’t agree that this is anywhere near enough.

What do we offer at Train Together?

At Train Together we offer everything you could need to get your staff fully qualified and confident to handle any emergency that could come their way. For working with the little ones, we offer Level 3 Paediatric First Aid, Level 3 Emergency Paediatric First Aid and Annual Refreshers. However, we also appreciate that training costs money and that’s why we charge the best price so that getting qualified is affordable. After all, it could be all you need to save somebody’s life, and in our opinion, there no price on that. In addition to our Ofqual regulated courses, we offer 1 hour first aid booster sessions (including topics such as how to manage an emergency and choking). These courses are ideal for staff wanting to gain a bit of experience (without completing an entire course) at a fantastic price. For full details about what we have on offer (including upcoming dates and prices) visit our First Aid page here.

The training was great – really practical and the lady who ran it was fun and light-hearted. She was really good at making sure everyone understood and was very professional.

Westgate Primary School, Morecambe.