Fitness Instructor Certification doesn’t equal Qualification

By 18th February 2015 No Comments

That’s because becoming a fitness instructor is more than just a title. It’s a career. A career that requires a lot of experience because you are now responsible for somebody’s health (which is a big responsibility!).

As a fitness instructor, your clients trust that you know your stuff and a piece of paper won’t prepare you for training with real clients. Sounds like hard work, right? But in reality, fitness instructing is like any other profession. A footballer can’t be a footballer without practice. A chef can’t be a chef without practice. And (I am sure you will agree) a nurse definitely can’t be a nurse without practice. Some course providers give you a certificate, but Train Together give you a qualification. We can provide you with all the experience and training you really need to begin your fitness instructing career in the best possible way.

As a personal trainer, your clients won’t always fit the bill. One day you can be training with an 18 year old looking to bulk up. The next, a 60 year old lady with arthritic knees. That’s why it is so important to have ‘been there and done that’. If you suggest an exercise, you need to know the exercise (outside the textbook pages). By ‘knowing the exercise’ we mean understanding exactly what the exercise is good for and whether it’s suitable for your client. Most importantly, we will teach you how to perform the exercise properly and how to coach the exercise perfectly. Alongside our training courses, we have a fantastic fitness studio available to you. We encourage you to train at our facility, free of charge, alongside your course. Learn proper technique and build your confidence so that when you do suggest an exercise, you know that it’s the right one for your client. It is so important to engage with all exercises so that you are prepared to accommodate every potential client (trust us, there’s a lot of different people with a lot of different needs out there!).

So, what’s more important than finding the best certificate? Finding the best providers who will help you to grow. At Train Together you are given a mentor who is there to support you, encourage you and is always available to talk to if you have any questions. Our trainers have heaps of experience, some working in the fitness industry for over 25 years (you really couldn’t be in safer hands). Additionally, you are given the opportunity to practice exactly what you learn (which is very rare for your average training provider).

It’s fine not to know all the answers. But never leave it there. Always approach new challenges with a motivation to find out more.

Start your journey today. Get in touch about our Fitness Instructor courses, it would be great to hear from you.