Fit Pros First Aid: Bespoke Courses

By 11th February 2015 No Comments

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt (and then, apparently, we panic). As a fitness studio, we work closely with a lot of people everyday. Which is why we understand how important it is to know your stuff, and why we offer Fit Pros First Aid courses.

For any business with less than 50 employees, the HSE First Aid requirements enforce that at least one first aider should be available onsite at all times. But is this enough? Shocking statistics reveal that as a nation we don’t know (anywhere near) enough about first aid. In fact, 2 out of 3 of us wouldn’t feel comfortable enough to try and save a life. It’s true! Apparently a quarter of us wouldn’t even attempt to help a patient in need. It’s a sad truth, especially because thousands of lives are lost each year that could have been saved with basic first aid. At Train Together we can’t stress the importance of First Aid training enough. As owners of a fitness studio (and seeing 80+ people come through our doors each day), we more than understand the importance of keeping up to date with First Aid knowledge.

This week we have chosen to draw on the two topics we know best: fitness and first aid. We are sharing some practical First Aid advice (and personal experiences), on two hot issues, with those of you who also share our fitness industry.


At a gym especially, this can be a common one. Ever skipped breakfast before a fitness class? Not taking enough fuel on board before a session can be dangerous (and certainly not recommended unlike many fad diets suggest!). Drinking enough water is also important. Dehydration during a workout is a sure-fire way to overheat. As a fitness instructor, it’s important to always be prepared. What do you do if a client faints? Lay the victim down on their back, opening airways and ensuring they get plenty of fresh air. Make sure their legs are elevated to get plenty of blood to the major organs. Fainting victims usually regain consciousness fairly quickly, if not, call for an ambulance as soon as possible.

Strains and Sprains

We’ve all been there… (I once slipped off a bosu and twisted my ankle – funny for the rest of the class, I’m sure, but it certainly hurt!) Unfortunately, accidents like these are very common, you could slip whilst running, lift a weight that’s too heavy or twist into a position your body just isn’t happy with. As a fitness instructor, it’s your responsibility to ensure exercises are executed perfectly. Not only that, but to be ready and confident to help a client who suffers an injury of any kind. So, what should you do? Make sure the client rests straight away. Wrap the injury with an icepack or cold compress and elevate the injured part above the heart to decrease swelling.

Emergency First Aid at Work… Gym?

Did you know that we offer bespoke First Aid at Work training? That’s right! Wherever you work, we can tailor our courses to accommodate the most common accidents and emergencies that your business might encounter. As fitness specialists, we are Lancaster’s number one choice for Fit Pros First Aid training with instructors who really understand your industry. Get qualified today and let’s become a nation of lifesavers!
Find out more about of First Aid Courses here.