Keeping fit at university isn’t as hard as it sounds

With all of the opportunities and excitement that going to university brings, it can be tempting to leave behind any of your previous healthy living habits and binge watch Netflix between lectures.

But have no fear, we’ve put together four easy ways for you to keep fit at university that are great fun too. And you’ll still have time to catch up on those episodes of your favourite series when you get home!

  1. Join a university sports club

Joining a sports club at university is a fun way to keep fit, whether you’re a born athlete who’s been playing since they could walk or you’ve never taken part in a team game before in your life.

If you’re into competitive sport, joining a university team gives you the opportunity to spend your spare time travelling to other universities to compete in tournaments – great fun and the perfect way to make new friends.

Joining a recreational, or non-competitive sports team is also good for getting yourself active but don’t want the pressure and commitment of playing competitively.

There are lots of options to choose from, which can seem overwhelming to begin with. But university is a new beginning for you, so why not grab it with two hands and try something new while you’re there!

  1. Get outside and go exploring

As a student in Lancaster, you’re very lucky to be surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The city itself is full of hidden gems too, which makes exploring a very easy thing to do.

Now, we’re not talking pub crawls here (sorry!). Think more of an afternoon wandering around the city or a walking along the beautiful canal. Lancaster has lots of walking and cycling routes, including a route from the city centre to both university campuses, so you’ve got no excuse not to!

The Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales aren’t far from Lancaster either. Grab your friends, pick one of the fells or peaks and get yourself up there for an active day out. And don’t forget to pack drinks and healthy snacks for the journey!

  1. Join a gym

Now we are obviously biased with this point, but joining a gym really can help you to achieve a certain level of fitness, or maintain it if you’re already a pretty active person.

Fitness classes are great for teaching you new exercises and for sparking your motivation if you’re feeling a bit lazy. Try stopping those star jumps with a personal trainer there cheering you on!

  1. Get a gym buddy

This is one of our personal favourite tips, because if you don’t already have a friend to take along to the gym with you – our classes are perfect for helping you find one.

Scheduling a gym date with a friend means that you’ve got less chance of cancelling the morning after a heavy night out! If you’re both in it together you have the other person as that extra motivation to get you out of the door, and we promise you’ll feel better after a bit of much-needed exercise.

For those of you who’ve made it this far, we’re offering 5 free classes to the first 5 students to reply to this blog post using our contact form below. What are you waiting for? Get going!

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