Keeping Your Staff Healthy

By 24th June 2015 No Comments

We all know that regular exercise has countless benefits for you and your body. Appearance and body shape aside, keeping fit is a fantastic way to improve mood, productivity and overall health.

Train Together is placed in the centre of Lancaster City and offers a fantastic selection of classes alongside a fully-fitted gym to get stuck into. Regardless of age or ability we have something to offer you – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or if you’re a championship weight lifter! We are an experienced Personal Training studio – meaning that all of our fitness classes are kept small and personal, making sure you get 1-2-1 attention with one of our experts every time you visit. We care a lot about our clients, making sure that they reach their fitness goals but, most importantly, have a really great time doing it!

Many of our classes are just 30 minutes long, and every day we have a variety of sessions designed to specifically target the different areas of your fitness. Our Personal Trainers work hard to create inventive and exciting classes so that you actually want to keep coming back for more. We believe if you’re not having fun, you’ll give up and we’d hate to see that happen! With an on-site shower and changing facilities, our gym is designed with you and your staff in mind. Giving you the chance to nip over to us for a quick and effective workout, shower and change before heading back to work feeling brighter, fresher and ready for whatever the office throws are you. Our morning classes kick-start as early as 6am, we have some brilliant 30 minute classes on a lunchtime and every evening our wonderful members join us for a fat-busting, muscle toning workout (some even stay until 9pm!). Whether you’re an early bird or night owl, we have it covered at Train Together (and we are right on your doorstep!).

Join us for a free week to see for yourself what we’re all about and how we are perfect for you. Your free week includes unlimited use of our classes, boot camps and gym, so that you can confidently decide which no-contract, no sign-up fee membership is the one for you. Get your whole office moving and chat to us about our corporate memberships to keep your staff healthy, and enjoy all the benefits of keeping fit together. To sign up or for more information, contact us today – it would be great to hear from you!