Personal trainer training – be the you, you’ve always wanted to be!

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Personal Trainer Training – flexible courses in Lancaster

When you were seven years old, who did you think you would grow up to be?
A fire fighter?
A pop star?
A footballer?

If this rings a bell and you found us looking for personal trainer training in Lancaster, then read on…..

At seven years old, we were pretty ambitious. And why shouldn’t we be? We are all born with the ability to succeed, but life seems to get in the way.

The truth is, we get one shot at life and it is crammed full of ‘stuff’.

Stuff that interferes with our 7 year old dreams and aspirations.

As children we spent our days building dens and playing tig. Our biggest fear was homework and our biggest worry was where the next Kit-Kat was coming from.

We grow up into a world of hard work. We have homes to heat, families to care for and little ones to feed.

We have to make ends meet, so it’s not surprising that two thirds of us are stuck in a job we actually hate.

Because money doesn’t grow on trees and time is the most valuable resource we have – we simply can’t afford to start again and we don’t have spare time for retraining… until now.

Some people have never considered becoming a personal trainer – even if they would be perfect at it.

If you have a love of fitness, health and, most importantly, people, we think you need to start considering it.

As a qualified personal trainer you can work for you. Choose your hours, set your wage and wake up every morning excited about going to work.

Your job is more than just making a few changes to somebody’s life; you are there to encourage people to become the best version of themselves, to make sure they get there and to celebrate with them when they reach their goals. Plus, you are paid for doing it – is there anything more rewarding?

Our courses are blended learning: taught at our studio in Lancaster and in the comfort of your own home.

We offer affordable prices, weekend training and the opportunity to be fully qualified in as little as 12 weeks.

We even give you the chance to gain invaluable experience at our fitness studio and work through course content with experienced tutors who really have ‘been there and done that’!

The only person who can make you happy is you.

And we want to encourage you in 2015, because you have a world full of possibility sat on your Lancaster doorstep.

Good things come to those who go for it, not to those who wait.

Over the next three months we will be helping you get from point A (where you are now) to point B (becoming a personal trainer).

Follow our blogs to find out what being a personal trainer is all about, what’s required and how you can get qualified in 2015!

No matter what career path you choose, being self-employed has many advantages this 2015!

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