Beach Body Ready for £1

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The sun is shining and I’m feeling excited about summer 2016: beach trips… BBQs… parties. Unfortunately, these are all tainted by the fact I forgot to whip my beach body into shape in time for the good weather (can you relate?). Perhaps you are still carrying post-Christmas weight or never quite stuck to your New Year’s resolution. If (like me) you’re feeling more ‘beached whale’ than ‘beach ready’, we are pleased to tell you that there is still hope to shift those extra pounds, tone up and feel fitter before the big holiday.

This morning, Neil showed me the dangers of drinking coke (did you see it? If not, take a look here). It had me thinking: why do people drink the stuff? That’s easy. It tastes good and costs nothing. In fact, you can nip to the shop right now and buy a can for less than £1 (and what’s £1 worth in 2016?). We live in a world where everything bad for you is so easily accessible and so cheap to afford – it’s no wonder we have a hard time watching our weight. Even exercising can be costly after gym sign-up fees, contracts and hidden charges in the small print. At Train Together we don’t do any of that – there is no sign-up fee, no contracts and no hidden charges. In fact, this summer we are going one step further and offering our very best for a little over £1 per day.

Already a Member?

We value our wonderful members and their commitment, but we all need a bit of motivation sometimes. This summer enjoy a 90-day off-peak gym membership (unlimited classes and gym until 5pm, Monday – Friday) for just £90. Just £1 per day to take advantage of our fantastic selection of classes and equipment.

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New to Train Together?

Either join on our above deal or get 90-days on-peak* gym membership (unlimited classes and gym all day) for just £100. Our fully-qualified Personal Trainers are the best people to challenge your body, motivate you to shift any unwanted weight and gain the confidence you need to look your beach body best this summer. Trust us, there is still time! So swap the coke for Personal Training and enjoy 90 days at Train Together to see you through the summer!

*New Members Only

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Finally, it’s cheap enough… Now what’s your excuse?