How to conquer your recurring back pain

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Hello there, I’m Matt, and I teach and participate in this “crazy good” activity known as pole walking, a.k.a. Nordic walking. It has literally changed my life! Please read on because it might just change your life too!


Nordic Walking, Lancaster
Winning the 10k Grasmere Gallop on 4th June 2016

It’s fair to say that I am a bit of a workaholic. I always have been, but I am slowly learning how not to be. As you might imagine, over the years I’ve spent a CONSIDERABLE amount of time sitting down behind a computer screen.

Consequently, I have suffered from chronic neck pain, headaches, debilitating lower back pain, sciatica, stiff shoulders, nerve entrapment and more.

You’ve probably heard in recent years that SITTING is now considered to be the “new” SMOKING.

What is meant by this?

Whilst you’ll still see people smoking, you already know it’s been banned from pubs and workplaces and the evidence of its detrimental effects on human health are well documented.

But sitting… Can this really be as bad?

Nordic Walking, Lancaster

The research and human health statistics definitely show sitting to be a significant risk factor in many health conditions.

Yet sitting, how are we going to avoid this in today’s day and age?

Sure, that is a tricky one to tackle and there is clearly not one single solution.

The problem to your health, your performance in and out of work, your experience of pain, and ultimately fun with your family and overall feelings of happiness in life are directly linked to how much you sit, how long you sit, and what you do in the rest of the time in your day when you are not sitting.

So why am I labouring on this issue?

I am sure that you also sit down a lot. Where though?

Breakfast at the kitchen table? Driving your car to work through that traffic-jammed commute? On the bus or train? At your work desk? In the restaurant or canteen at lunchtime? In the waiting room at the Doctor’s? At home with the family for dinner? Watching TV?

Good grief! It’s almost impossible to avoid it.

So, what happens when we sit for too long?

Nordic Walking, Lancaster

It is wholly possible that you may already experience or suffer from tightness in your hip area, you have poor posture, you get stiffness and tightness in your neck, you get headaches, your back seizes up, you experience numb, non-descript pain, you have put on weight, your fitness level is down, your mobility is not what it used to be, and more…

And what happens then?

Well, all manner of things can happen. Personally, my blood pressure went up, my cholesterol levels were not good, I was more susceptible to injury, I didn’t feel good about myself, I lost the ability to play with my son as I wanted to, and I had to take time out of my business when it was really bad.

This was not good for myself, or for my family, or for my business.

All of these are the potential risks of SITTING too much and not have the right strategy in place to mitigate the deleterious effects of sitting.

BUT WAIT! We have a solution!

Nordic walking. It changed my life and it can change yours too.

So what are some of the benefits of Nordic walking?

  • Get away from your desk for a while
  • Get outdoors and away from technology, and confined spaces
  • Improve your posture
  • Engage and tone up 90% of your body’s muscles
  • Burn 46-77% more calories than ordinary walking
  • Take pressure of the knees and joints
  • Great for neck, shoulder, and back problems
  • Sociable, safe outdoor exercise
  • Brain dump your daily work/family/life stresses in the canal and freshen your body and mind
  • …and much more

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But what if you’re in a lot of pain, or have an injury, or think you have to get fixed and fit first before you try this?

Call Matt (07530 813225) for a Complimentary consultation. Matt is a health coach, a Biomechanics coach, and specialises in helping you get out of pain and achieving the best health of your life. Together we will find the solution for you.


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