Bikini Body Ready in 4 Weeks

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Dreading getting back into your bikini? Holidays are coming and you’re feeling sluggish, overweight, and unhappy with your body. What if I told you that we can guarantee you’ll lose weight in just one month?

If you are going away and want to get your body in shape just in time for the big trip, Train Together can help. For one month only, we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy an intense 4 weeks in August of personal training and nutrition to fight the fat and get slimmer. Our dedicated personal trainers have heaps of experience and love working closely with clients smashing the results they want and deserve. Check out what our lovely client Sara had to say about her personal training programme:

“You hear horror stories of what personal trainers can be like – uber fit gym bunnies who love to make fatties like me cry… I was worried that I would not be fit enough to work out one to one, that I would make a fool of myself and that they would tell me to leave and never darken their door again. I can honestly say that since I started working with you, I really enjoy working out now – I feel confident with your instructions, you are always clear and concise, you constantly check form and posture so I know I won’t get injured. I have always found core work difficult and if I struggle with an exercise, you always suggest an alternative. By doing this you make sure that I never feel silly or feel like I have failed and this has boosted my confidence. Thanks to your varied routines I have discovered that I enjoy Boxing, Kettle Bells and Rowing – none of this exercises I would have ever considered trying before. You are friendly, encouraging, you make exercising fun and no question is too daft to ask. I have definitely experienced weight loss and inch loss and have gained muscle definition but one of the major results for me is a change in my mental attitude – I look forward to exercising now, I have confidence to try new things and I no longer try and hide at the back of the class.”

So, what’s included?

At the start of your programme your personal trainer will help you to set realistic goals (this could include losing anything between 7 and 10lbs in 4 weeks!). You will receive a full body MOT at the start and end of your programme – analysing exactly what’s going on in your body, including, how much body fat and muscle you really have. Our body MOT is the best way to help design the best programme for you, and record the amazing results that you’ve achieved! As an intense month of personal training, we will ask you to commit to 3 fitness sessions a week. From the start of your programme, your personal trainer will also put together a full nutritional programme designed around you and your fitness goals. This programme includes delicious recipes and full macro nutrient breakdown (fat, protein, carbs and calories). 4 life changing weeks, for just £300 (saving you over £150!).

Join us – We guarantee that you’ll lose weight in time for your holiday and get you bikini body ready in just 4 weeks.