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Make My Body Better with Davina McCall

By 23rd August 2016 No Comments

Looking after your body is so important. It needs water, food, nourishment, sleep and, of course, a lot of love (by YOU before anybody else).

What happens when things go wrong? As Personal Trainers, we meet clients with a vast range of problems… mental and physical. Sore back, pulled hamstring, overweight, anxiety battles, insomnia… you name it, we’ve probably dealt with it. What we’ve learnt along the way is that, sometimes, the best way to win, what seems like a losing battle, is to strip things down to the basics. Make sure you give your body what it needs first and foremost to function properly, and things might start slotting into place.

Last night, we saw Davina McCall unveil the root of one young girl’s battle with night terrors in Make My Body Better on Channel 4. Missed it? Catch up here. Her nightly interruptions meant she was only getting between 1 and 4 hours kip every night, which was having adverse effects on her ability to function day-to-day. In the show, sleep specialists revealed that before starvation and dehydration, sleep deprivation will kill you first (scary!). I guess, we don’t really think about how much sleep our body’s need, nor how many hours we actually get each night. I often stretch my awakened hours by watching ‘just one more’ episode of my favourite series (it’s Suits by the way, I’d urge you to give it a go) and end up nodding off much later than I probably should. The result? I’m exhausted ALL day. In turn, my mood, my energy and my workouts suffer. I am grumpy, I get less done and I don’t improve in the gym. You have probably heard this before, but if you want to perform optimally in (and out) of the gym, make sure you give your body the rest it needs – and that’s around 8 hours minimum!

So, why are we blogging about Channel 4’s ‘Make My Body Better with Davina McCall’?


We are really excited in the office because our very own Sarah Grant trained the lovely Rebecca who will feature in Episode 3. Rebecca’s journey is one not to miss – we can’t say more at this point – but make sure you’re watching Make My Body Better with Davina McCall on Monday 5th September at 8pm!