“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda Grayson


Real friends are awesome. They’re the ones who tell you when you have something on your face, when your homemade steak pie is burnt on the bottom and get angry at others on your behalf. The world would be a pretty rubbish place if we didn’t have real friends to share it with. Here at Train Together, friendship is in our name. We believe that having your mates around is a sure-fire way to keep your fitness on track – it really is all about Training Together.

Here’s 3 core reasons why you should invest in a workout partner:

  1. Motivation – Busy day in the office? That guy (let’s call him Peter) keeps dumping extra work on your desk and NEVER washes his mug out (we all know one). You booked your 5:15pm Thursday Weight Lifting with Joe (good choice) and by 3pm you are struggling to muster up enough energy and motivation to attend. It’s one thing letting yourself down, but cancelling on a friend who is counting on you is hard. If you’re anything like me, letting your friends down is a no-go area. Best tell Peter to do one (under your breath of course) and get those trainers on, eh?

  1. Like-mindedness – Getting fit is actually infectious. I want you to imagine it’s the end of the month and its Friday night. You have no money, nothing to wear and you really shouldn’t be off into town for a 4th weekend in a row, right? But then your best friend calls, she’s booked a taxi, convinced you that one more night out won’t destroy your liver and before you know it you’re dancing the night away in Sugarhouse. The moral of the story: people rub off on people. And the exact same principle applies to getting fit. If you invite someone to attend a spin class or go for a run, MOST will actually take you up on the offer. If you are all in it together, you are definitely more likely to succeed.

  1. You’ll work harder – ever played a game of Monopoly with a group of friends? It’s dangerous. We all have a competitive streak hidden within us somewhere and there is no place like the gym to unleash it. Sandra’s running 7 minute miles? Time to up you’re A game. It’s fact that we all increase our intensity if we workout around others – so get your friend on board and reap the rewards!









This January we introduced our brand-new referral scheme. Invite a friend to join you at Train Together and we’ll credit your account with an extra week – absolutely free! Invite as many newbies as you wish and at the end of the year, the person with the most referrals will receive a 6-month unlimited gym membership! Just our way of motivating you to motivate them, who will then motivate you etc. etc. … you get the picture. Basically, this is your opportunity to get loads of motivation sent your way to keep you on track!

If you like the sound of this, then:

-Refer a family member, friend, or work colleague to try a free week at Train Together.

-If your referral joins you will have 1 week’s membership credited to your account.

-There are no maximum referrals. It’s simple, the more you refer the more you receive.

– **If you have already referred a friend then let us know ASAP!**

If you’re feeling lazy then send this link to your pal to get them signed up to our -> FREE WEEK!


You only have a few weeks of the year left, and there’s no better time to bring a friend to TT then now. Just imagine you and your friend getting in the best shape of your lives just before the Christmas festivities!