6 Personal Trainer Benefits for You

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A Personal Trainer is no doubt a wise investment– an expert entirely devoted to you and your fitness goals.

However, Personal Training can be an expensive decision (especially if you’re not totally sure what to expect). Here are just 6 of the biggest Personal Trainer benefits – helping you make the best decision of 2015.

1. You’re new to the gym. If you have ever been to one of our fitness classes, you’ll know that we talk a lot about correct technique when exercising. Perhaps you haven’t been to a gym before or you just want to get the most from your workouts (injury free!). Working alongside a Personal Trainer is the best way to learn right. Not only that, but 1-2-1 teaching is a fantastic way to set you up for your future in the gym (knowing how to do things properly).

2. It’s all about you. We all have areas on our bodies that we want to improve. Perhaps you want a flatter tummy, stronger arms or you’ve suffered an injury and not sure what you can/cannot do. Working with an expert is the best way to see the results you really want. They know exactly how to optimise each training session to target those ‘problem areas’ and get the most out of you. You choose the goals, your Personal Trainer makes sure you reach them – it’s that simple.

3. They motivate you. It harder to give up on that final rep or that extra set when you have somebody there cheering you on. If I’m out running by myself, I easily let my mind take control and stop for regular rests (despite my body being capable of going that little bit further). When somebody is there who wants to pull the best out of you, ‘giving up’ is a much easier barrier to break through.

4. They hold you accountable. It’s Friday night, you’re gym kit is stuffed under the desk at work and you are all set to nip to the gym for an hour before heading home for the weekend. That’s when Dave pops his head round the office door and tells you “a few of the lads are going to the pub after work”. If you’re anything like me, going to the pub sounds like a better way to spend a Friday evening then going to the gym. But if you’re booked in to meet your Personal Trainer, you’ll be less likely to bail. Trust me, you’ll never leave a session in the gym wishing you had gone to the pub with Dave (sorry Dave).

5. They keep things interesting. Personal Trainers do all the leg work for you. They’ve studied the books, sat the exams and have a vast amount of experience in putting together fun sessions that actually work. Take the pressure off in the gym and let them sort out your programme for you (all you’ve got to do is turn up!).

6. They’ve been in your shoes. The biggest thing to remember is that Personal Trainers are real people who have worked really hard to get where they are today. They might look super fit but it certainly didn’t happen overnight and it should never be used as an excuse to put you off. They (better than anybody) know how tough it can be to change your life and, better yet, they know exactly what will motivate you to keep going.

At Train Together we have Personal Training packages that you can really get on board with. Currently, we are offering 1-2-1 training at an unbeatable price! Just £160 for 8 sessions (that’s £20 a session!) – saving you £50. Not only that, but we are chucking in full use of our gym throughout your training (saving you a further £25 per month). If you would like to discuss our long-term packages or find out more about our 1-2-1 Personal Training, make a wise decision this Friday (sack Dave off) and contact us for a chat.

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