Summer Unlimited Package

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There’s not much today that you could get with just £1 in your back pocket. A can of Coke? A Mars Bar?
What if we told you that for LESS than £1 per day, we could change your life? That we can make you fitter, healthier and more confident?

At Train Together it’s all about you. With small group fitness sessions and 1-2-1 personal attention guaranteed, our focus is on how we can help you to reach your fitness goals. Unlike other gyms, at Train Together our members are encouraged to tell us what they want to achieve and are then given the opportunity to work alongside our experienced personal trainers to make sure that these goals are smashed. We understand that each and every client is different, some want to lose weight for their summer holiday, others want to tone up and build muscle and many want to transform their lifestyle completely. Whatever you want to achieve, Train Together can help, and this summer we are giving you the chance to get fit at a fraction of the cost. For less than £1 a day, join us for 3 months access to unlimited classes, unlimited boot camps and unlimited gym.

“Getting fit isn’t about doing what your body is already capable of. It’s all about your mind-set. If you believe you can do, you will.” Says Sarah, Personal Trainer at Train Together Functional Fitness Studio, “We see it every single day at our studio, change your mind-set and you’ll change your life. Come and train with us and let us help you gain the confidence you need to achieve the results you want.”

At the start of your fitness programme, you will receive a full body MOT analysis, including a breakdown of muscle mass and body fat percentage. From here, we work closely with you to set realistic goals and make sure that you see the results you deserve. Every day we offer a huge variety of sessions to get stuck into, including 6am Boot Camps, Ladies Only Strength and Conditioning classes and Kettlebell training. Read more about our classes, here.

Getting started couldn’t be easier. To kick-start your fitness with our Summer Unlimited Package*,  sign up by the 30th of June and get the best of Train Together for less than £1 a day!

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*offer applies to non-members only.