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We’re getting a bit excited now we’ve planned our next fitness retreats in 2020, so thought we’d get you clued up on what a fitness retreat actually is, and what you can expect when you go on one.

So, what is a fitness retreat?

There are different variations of fitness retreats, but the overall aim of any type of retreat is to escape the stresses and strains of everyday life and have an opportunity to focus on yourself. Retreats offer a unique opportunity to reflect and learn healthier lifestyle practices, often centred around improving your health or fitness.

Retreats are guided by professionals and aim to heal the parts of you most in need. Whatever you need a break from, a retreat provides the opportunity! 

Why might you want to go on a fitness retreat?

When most of us think of going on holiday, we think of something relaxing, not necessarily a fitness retreat! But, just because a fitness retreat involves some exercise, it doesn’t mean you won’t feel rested at the end of it. Here at TT, we think fitness retreats are great for so many reasons!

  • They’re a fun and relaxed way to learn how to make positive lifestyle changes
  • They’re a great way to meet new, likeminded people
  • It’s a way to go on holiday and enjoy it, whilst still keeping fit
  • You can keep your muscles nice and stretched out which will reduce your aches and pains in the long run!
  • You can harness the positive effects of exercise all week long! It’s no secret that exercise releases positive endorphins and makes you feel good, so imagine feeling like that all week!
  • You can learn a lot about fitness and nutrition and use this knowledge when you get back to continue practicing a healthy lifestyle
  • New surroundings can boost your motivation, productivity and enjoyment
  • It’s an opportunity to experience new types of exercise you may not have tried at home
  • It’s common to go alone! Not only will you have the opportunity to get to know new people, but it’s a great way to show yourself just what you can achieve on your own, when you put your mind to it. But, of course, you don’t have to do a fitness retreat alone. Groups are welcome as well! 

What’s involved in the TT fitness retreat?

To give you some idea of what fitness retreats are in practice, here’s the sorts of things we do on ours…

Enjoyable Fitness

We think it’s so important that you enjoy your fitness journey. Otherwise, how will you keep motivated?!

Our retreat is nice and chilled; you can participate in as much or as little of the exercise as you like. There are at least three fitness related sessions per day, but there’s no pressure to join in with all of them!

We’ve been told the exercise sessions themselves are great fun because we keep these chilled out too. It’s not boot-camp style, we just workout and have fun together!

Exercising in a Different Environment

We love to take advantage of the gorgeous, open surroundings and the additional motivation they can provide. We often do classes on the beach, walk in the hills, take advantage of the boardwalks, and we’ve also forged a relationship with a great local gym, in case you start missing TT!

Eating Healthy Meals

We provide healthy meals with healthy portions so you don’t have to stress about eating the right thing, or the right amount. We do all the thinking for you! But don’t worry, the meals are still delicious and a great, realistic way to work towards a healthy lifestyle.

You can even use the meal plans as inspiration when you get home to continue eating well and try recreating recipes!

Register your interest in our fitness retreat

We’re running two fitness retreats near Bolnuevo, Spain, in May 2020. All of the details, costs and an example schedule can be found on our fitness retreat page, so go and check it out.