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Ah, that age-old question… And we’re going to answer it!

The short answer to our question is yes. But why is it so good for us to exercise with our partners? Read on to find out…

Help achieve your fitness goals

It’s always nice to receive words of encouragement when you’re working hard to achieve your goals. And who else do you want to hear those words from than your other half?

Exercising together can help you both to be more focussed on achieving your fitness goals, but remember to keep on offering your partner those motivational words of wisdom!

Increase your bond

As we all know, exercise can involve doing repetitions and sets of the same exercise. The act of coordinating your movement with someone else’s is called ‘nonverbal mimicry’, and apparently, it’s good for bonding (Stel & Vonk, 2010) – who knew! You never know, it might work for you, and even if it doesn’t, at least you’ll both be fitter than when you started!

Get some more quality time together

You might see your partner all the time or you might be like ships passing in the night, either way, arranging to get to the gym together guarantees that you’ll get some quality time together. Even better, you’ll be releasing all those feel-good endorphins while you’re sweating it out.

Try something new to bring you together

Not only does exercise itself release endorphins, but trying something new also floods the brain with the feel-good chemical dopamine, a double-whammy! It doesn’t have to be trying something in the gym, you could get out and try something different like climbing or surfing. Whatever it is, just give something new a try.

Introduce some friendly competition

Introducing some competition into your workout not only makes you forget about the pain you’re putting your muscles through but can also bring a little bit of fun into your relationship too. Why not see who can complete a circuit first, or see who can do 20 burpees the fastest – sorry, we couldn’t resist getting burpees in here somewhere!

Be happier in your relationship

Studies have shown that couples who participate in physical challenges or activities together feel more satisfied and more in love with their partner (Aron, Norman, Aron, & Heyman, 2000). Exercise is obviously a prime example of a physical activity, and training for something like a 10k run or a similar event can be the perfect way of completing a challenge together. What are you waiting for? Get yourselves signed up!

Want to start training together (and saving money!)?

At Train Together we offer a couples membership which is designed to save you both money. You can even try us for free for a whole week to see if you like us first.

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