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The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2019 has been published! The survey is sent to over 30,000 fitness professionals and gives a pretty good indication of what the main fitness trends are going to be for the year ahead.

To save you reading the whole thing yourself, we’re going to give you the lowdown… you’re welcome!

Group Training Classes

It’s no surprise to anyone that’s entered our fitness studio that we’re fans of this one!

We have a massive focus on fitness classes with small numbers here because we believe that the motivation you get from training with others, whilst still getting enough help from the trainer, makes a huge difference to the gains that you see from using a gym.

You push yourself harder when you workout with other people, so although this isn’t a new phenomenon we’re happy it made the list. At TT we also offer group personal training if you think it might be something you want to try.

HIIT Workouts

Another one we love… HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are amazing for burning fat and getting results quicker. What’s not to like??

HIIT training is basically where you’re pushing yourself the hardest you can for short bursts of time with less strenuous exercises in between. If you want to try it for yourself, get down to one of our regular HIIT classes! You can try it completely free by signing up for a free taster week.

Wearable technology

We use trackers ourselves and can see why they made the list. If you use a wearable fitness tracker you’ll know how easy it makes it to see the exercise you’ve done over the course of the day, but we wouldn’t encourage you to rely on them for fully accurate readings on things like calorie burn and step count.

They are great at helping you stay focused on your fitness goals and can also help you with tracking things like your food intake, but we think they’re better when you use them alongside other things that will also keep you motivated.

Streaming workouts

If you don’t have the motivation to get to the gym, streaming a workout is a good way of getting some exercise in without leaving the house.

If you’ve not exercised a lot before we’d recommend trying a couple of workouts in a gym class or with a personal trainer who can show you the ropes first. Then you’ll be all set to go it alone if that’s your preferred way of getting some regular exercise in!

Hiring a personal trainer

Another one that’s definitely not new, but we’re not surprised that it’s up there with the top trends of the year.

Yes, it’s true that streaming and wearable technology can help your motivation to achieve your fitness goals, but nothing makes you work as hard as you can like a good personal trainer! You can find out more about choosing a personal trainer by reading our blog post.

What will you try?

When it comes down to it, exercising is all about how you feel. Do whatever works best for you – if it’s none of the things on this list then that’s fine!

We’re always here to answer any of your questions about getting into exercising, just get in touch using the form below.

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