Get 20% Bigger, Better, Stronger.

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Unless it’s 20% more rainfall, gains are usually a good thing… 20% more cake, 20% more beer or 20% more muscle. If you are looking for an experienced Personal Trainer who can take you from average to Schwarzenegger, you’ve come to the right place. This January, we are starting our next Men’s Muscle Up course. This course will run for 8 weeks, with an option for doing either 3 or 4 sessions each week. Working 1-2-1 alongside our Personal Trainer, Neil Caines, you will be guided through a tried and tested system designed to enhance your strength and size by up to 20% (or more!).

The course was excellent, it was very well structured with measurements taken at the start and goals clearly defined, which gave a sense of purpose throughout the training, and it was great seeing my personal progress and strength gains as the course went on. 

Neil’s training was thorough and attentive as always and it built up at a pace that meant although it was hard work it wasn’t too much of a shock to the system, and it didn’t stop me being able to walk up stairs…. like some other high intensity training I have tried!

I would definitely do it again. I started to feel stronger after the second week and by the end of the course I had increased my maximums by about 20% across the board which was more than I thought I would.

I could see the difference in myself, and also felt a positive difference personally in terms of my mental fitness and motivation. My goal of reducing my body fat and increasing my strength was very much achieved, and I had fun doing it.”
– Mike

The basic package (3 sessions per week) costs £480 and the advanced package (4 sessions per week) costs £550. Giving you our best Personal Training for less than £18 per session.

Join us this January and contact Neil on 01524 389616 or email: info@traintogether.co.uk to find out more.