Stick the kettle(bell) on!

By 15th April 2015 No Comments

They’re effective, they’re fun, they’re essential.

Today I have chosen to talk about the very thing that’s making it difficult for me to sit down properly – the thing that has my body screaming in all the best ways: kettlebells.

In the 1700s these mighty little bells were actually used by farmers to measure out crops and grains. After regular swings and lifts, people started noticing a new purpose for kettlebells: making you stronger, making you fitter and making you healthier (basically, a bunch of farmers looked pretty ripped!). Just yesterday lunchtime I took part in one of Neil’s kettlebell sessions, and this morning I was certainly reaping the benefits! My glutes (‘muscles in your bum’ to me and you) are sore, my thighs are tender and my core feels stronger. I would go as far to argue that they provide the best full-body workout that your body can get.

Unlike exercising with dumbbells and barbells (that often only focus and work a small collection of muscles), kettlebells get your whole body moving. With a kettlebell clutched in your fist, your body is encouraged to move up and down, from side to side and in and out. They get you moving like you do in real life, because in real life we don’t just shoulder press. They give you core strength that can be used (noticeably) in everyday movements; from putting away the food shopping to hoovering the living room. Kettlebell exercises force you to use your upper body strength to lift, your legs and glutes for power and your core to keep you stable; developing muscles throughout your body and, ultimately, burning fat. In fact, research has since found that 20 minutes with a kettlebell can burn 400 calories, and to put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent to running a six-minute mile!

If you want to ‘stick the kettle(bell) on’ in your workout (and we suggest that you do!), don’t just grab a weight and start swinging. Proper form is essential to stay injury-free and get the most from your workout. At Train Together we are certified kettlebell trainers and offer classes dedicated to this gem of a fitness tool – join us to learn right and get tight.

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