Becoming a Qualified Fitness Instructor Part 2 of 3

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A few weeks ago we kick-started our ‘Becoming a Qualified Fitness Instructor’ series with a gentle introduction exploring what being a fitness instructor is all about. Missed it? Don’t worry, you can catch up here.

In part 1 of 3, we encouraged you to get acquainted with the right career for you. You already know that you love fitness and you’ve established that a career in the fitness industry is right up your street, however, deciding which street to take is an important step. We suggested that you try the career out, join a class, come along to our studio and use the gym or book in for a personal training session.

Today, we will talk you through, more specifically, our courses and qualifications, here at Train Together. At Train Together we offer both Level 2 Gym Instructor qualifications and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications. We teach our courses primarily at our studio, but give you the opportunity to also learn in the comfort of your own home. We even guarantee that you could be fully qualified in as little as 8 weeks! So without throwing you into the deep end and signing you up straight away, let’s break down what makes an awesome fitness instructor and how Train Together can get you there…

Our tutors and our studio

We recently blogged offering first-hand advice and tips to becoming the best fitness instructor (check it out here). This advice comes from tutors who know the industry best (learn more about Neil and Sarah). Tutors who have worked in and been surrounded by the fitness industry for the best part of 30 years. Our courses aren’t designed to tick off a basic course syllabus, our courses are designed to ground you in knowledge. Our tutors are always available to ask questions to or go over material with and, better yet, they want to help you become the best that you can be. We will take the time to make sure that you are confident, excited and, most importantly, ready to start your career.

A successful instructor needs practice. That’s why we give you the opportunity to use our fitness studio alongside your course. We like to give you the chance to take what you learn in the classroom and use it in the studio. Let’s be honest, your clients are real people, with real needs and you should be ready to use effectively what you’ve learnt.


Last week, I overheard a lady on the train talking about a First Aid course her boss was about to send her on. The poor lady was freaking out! Not because she feared that the course would be too difficult (she had already completed her first aid course just a few years ago), but because there would be an exam at the end. In her words, “I haven’t done an exam since I was at school! They terrify me!”
Unfortunately, a lot of people are put off by exams and assessments, especially if they haven’t sat one for a long time. At Train Together our assessments are designed to check you know what you’ve learnt (and, thankfully, because our course tutors are so thorough, this shouldn’t be any problem at all!). If you dislike exams, don’t be scared, after all, a small exam is no reason to pass on a life changing opportunity. Why not try answering the following mock questions and test yourself (you may even find you can answer these quite confidently already!):

  • How many chambers are there in the heart?
  • Where would you find the pectoral muscles?

Let us know your answers! In my experience, if you love the topic, exam preparation becomes easy (and dare I say, fun?). So if your choice of a career in the fitness industry is fuelled by your love of fitness, you will sail through the course.

I hope you have enjoyed our ‘Becoming a Qualified Fitness Instructor Part 2’ post, and that you have gained a better insight into our courses and how we do things here at Train Together. Our courses are designed to be good fun and set you up for the best career in the industry. Visit us again next month for our final instalment of this series.
If you are ready to sign up for one of our courses, get in touch! Drop us a quick email (info@traintogether.co.uk) or call us (01524 389616) to find out more – we’d love to hear from you and we’d love to help answer your questions.